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Primers for 22 candidate genes for ecological adaptations in Brassicaceae

Kuittinen, H. and Aguadé, M. and Charlesworth, D. and Haan, A.D.E. and Lauga, B. and Mitchell-Olds, T. and Oikarinen, S. and Ramos-Onsins, S. and Stranger, B. and Van Tienderen H., P. and Savolainen, O. (2002) Primers for 22 candidate genes for ecological adaptations in Brassicaceae. Molecular Ecology Notes, 2, 258-262. ISSN 1471-8278.

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There is an increasing interest in direct screening of polymorphisms at candidate loci to associate them with adaptations in natural situations. We report primers that amplify regions at 22 putatively orthologous functional loci in the family Brassicaceae: Arabidopsis thaliana, its two wild outcrossing relatives, and Brassica oleracea. Four groups of genes were known to have specific functions in the model species A. thaliana in ecologically important traits: timing of reproduction; metabolism of secondary compounds; defence against pathogens or light perception. In addition, genes of a fifth group were selected with no consideration of their function, as reference loci. [KEYWORDS: Arabidopsis; candidate genes; defence-genes; flowering time; molecular adaptation; phenylpropanoid pathway; phytochromes]

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