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Migration patterns and immigrants characteristics in North-Western Europe

Valk de, H.A.G. and Huisman, C.C. and Noam, K.R. (2012) Migration patterns and immigrants characteristics in North-Western Europe. In: Development, institutional and policy aspects of international migration between Africa, Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean.

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This report provides an overview of recent immigration and settlement patterns for the four study countries. The most recent available statistics are used and patterns over the past decade are described. Characteristics of the immigration flows (among other origin, age, and gender), as well as, other issues related to settlement (for example nationality and citizenship) are discussed. Different immigration flows, including asylum seekers and refugees, are presented. This part provides as much detail and comparability as possible by using different data sources. Special emphasis is put on migrants coming from Africa and Latin America. We make use of existing data and complement it with material specifically gathered and analyzed for the purpose of this study.

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