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How can Caretakers Influence Children’s Multilingual Language Development?

Boomstra, N.W. and Bangma, I. and Rothe, A. and Wagner, K. and Riemersma, A.M.J. and Günther-van der Meij, M.T. (2012) How can Caretakers Influence Children’s Multilingual Language Development?

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The central question of this symposium is how caretakers can influence children’s multilingual language development. The symposium offers a mix of theoretical and practical information on the topic combined with research in this area. In three presentations we will discuss and learn more about: 1) how parents’ beliefs on the use of several languages can change; 2) how pre-school education and parents together can contribute to children’s language development; 3) the influence of parents (informal setting) and the role of educators (formal setting) in the implementation and success of bilingual kindergarten programs and language programs. The central theme of our symposium evolves around the cooperation between parents and educators in the bilingual language development of pre-schoolers. In the first presentation, Nienke Boomstra will present her research on enhancing the parental beliefs of bilingual Antillean mothers on book reading and language development of their children. In the second presentation, Idske Bangma will present more information about the MELT project. This project looks at the early years provision in four bilingual language communities, taking into account approaches to language immersion and the resources available to parents and practitioners. In the third presentation, Katarina Wagner and Astrid Rothe will present their research on the motivations and attitudes of parents and educators in bilingual kindergarten programs. Their research looked at prestige and migrant bilingual kindergarten programs: German-Turkish and German-English. After the three presentations, there will be room for further discussion between the speakers and the audience, led by our discussant Alex Riemersma. We will discuss several statements on best practises and pros and cons of how caretakers can influence and guide children’s multilingual language development: at home and through preschool programs, and in that way learn from each other’s experiences. To round off the symposium, we will try and come to a conceptual model showing the outcomes of our discussion and in that way answer our symposium title question.

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