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The minimum information about a genome sequence (MIGS) specification

Field, D. and Garrity, G. and Gray, T. and Morrison, N. and Selengut, J. and Sterk, P. and Tatusova, T. and Thomson, N. and Allen, M.J. and Angiuoli, S.V. and Ashburner, M. and Axelrod, N. and Baldauf, S. and Ballard, S. and Boore, J. and Cochrane, G. and Cole, J. and Dawyndt, P. and Vos De, P. and dePamphilis, C. and Edwards, R. and Faruque, N. and Feldman, R. and Gilbert, J. and Gilna, P. and Glöckner, F.O. and Goldstein, P. and Guralnick, R. and Haft, D. and Hancock, D. and Hermjakob, H. and Hertz-Fowler, C. and Hugenholtz, P. and Joint, I. and Kagan, L. and Kane, M. and Kennedy, J. and Kowalchuk, G.A. and Kottmann, R. and Kolker, E. and Kravitz, S. and Kyrpides, N. and Leebens-Mack, J. and Lewis, S.E. and Li, K.W. and Lister, A.L. and Lord, P. and Maltsev, N. and Markowitz, V. and Martiny, J. and Methe, B. and Mizrachi, I. and Moxon, R. and Nelson, K.E. and Parkhill, J. and Proctor, L. and White, O. and Sansone, S-A. and Spiers, A. and Stevens, R. and Swift, P. and Taylor, C. and Tateno, Y. and Tett, A. and Turner, S. and Ussery, D. and Vaughan, B. and Ward, N. and Whetzel, T. and GIil, I.S. and Wilson, G. and Wipat, A. (2008) The minimum information about a genome sequence (MIGS) specification. Nature Biotechnology, 26, 541-547. ISSN 1087-0156.

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