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Oer FOLLE en 'WEINICH' yn it Nijfrysk en it Midfrysk

Hoekstra, E. (2010) Oer FOLLE en 'WEINICH' yn it Nijfrysk en it Midfrysk. It Beaken. Tydskrift fan de Fryske Akademy, 72, 55-68. ISSN 0005-738X.


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This article shows that Dutch VEEL 'many, much', but not Frisian FOLLE, is used as the first member of compounds. This difference is related to another difference between Frisian and Dutch, that is, Frisian FOLLE is a negative polarity item, unlike Dutch VEEL. FOLLE cannot be used in affirmative sentences. Instead, a construction is employed consisting of an indefinite article and a word denoting high quantity ('a lot'). I then go on to show that the English word MUCH is comparable to Frisian FOLLE in exhibiting negatively polar behaviour, and in being substituted in affirmative sentences by a construction again consisting of an indefinite determiner followed by a noun denoting high quantity. It is shown that the antonym of FOLLE (Dutch WEINIG) exhibits comparable behaviour: it is expressed by a construction consisting of an indefinite article and a word denoting low quantity. Historical evidence based on the Language Corpus Frisian indicates that the occurrence of WEINICH in Frisian is a loan from Dutch. The Language Corpus Frisian also makes it clear that FOLLE was already a negative polarity item in the work of Gysbert Japicx (17th century), though not in the work of many of his contemporaries.

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