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Human CD34+/KDR+ Cells Are Generated From Circulating CD34+ Cells After Immobilization on Activated Platelets

Boer de, H. and Hovens, M. and Oeveren van, A. and Snoep, J. and Koning de, E. and Tamsma, J. and Huisman, M. and Rabelink, T. J. and Zonneveld van, A.J. (2010) Human CD34+/KDR+ Cells Are Generated From Circulating CD34+ Cells After Immobilization on Activated Platelets. Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology. ISSN 1079-5642.

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OBJECTIVE: To determine whether CD34(+)/kinase-insert domain-containing receptor (KDR)(+) cells are generated in the peripheral circulation (because in bone marrow and in G-CSF-mobilized peripheral blood, <0.5% of the CD34(+) cells coexpress KDR). METHODS AND RESULTS: The presence of KDR on circulating CD34(+) cells is assumed to be indicative of the potential of these cells to support vascular maintenance and repair. By using an ex vivo flow model, we show that activated platelets enable CD34(+) cells to home to sites of vascular injury and that on immobilization KDR is translocated from an endosomal compartment to the cell surface within 15 minutes. In patients with diabetes mellitus type 2, the percentage of circulating CD34(+)-coexpressing KDR was significantly elevated compared with age-matched controls. When treated with aspirin, the patients showed a 49% reduction in the generation of CD34(+)/KDR(+) cells, indicating that the level of circulating CD34(+)/KDR(+) cells also relates to in vivo platelet activation. CONCLUSIONS: Circulating CD34(+)/KDR(+) cells are not mobilized from bone marrow as a predestined endothelial progenitor cell population but are mostly generated from circulating multipotent CD34(+) cells at sites of vascular injury. Therefore, the number of circulating CD34(+)/KDR(+) cells may serve as a marker for vascular injury.

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