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Barber, P.A. and Crous, P.W. and Groenewald, J.Z. and Pascoe, I. G. and Keane, P. (2011) Reassessing Vermisporium (Amphisphaeriaceae), a genus of foliar pathogens of eucalypts. Persoonia, 27, 90-118. ISSN 0031-5850.

Braun, U. and Crous, P.W. and Groenewald, J.Z. and Scheuer, C. (2011) Pseudovirgaria, a fungicolous hyphomycete genus. IMA Fungus, 2, 65-69. ISSN 2210-6340.

Castañeda-Ruiz, R.F. and Heredia, G. and Arias, M. and McKenzie, E.H.C. and Hyde, K.D. and Stadler, M and Saikawa, M. and Gené, J. and Guarro, J and Iturriaga, T. and Minter, D.W. and Crous, P.W. (2011) A new species and re-disposed taxa in Repetophragma. Mycosphere, 2, 273-289. ISSN 2077-7019.

Chen, S.F. and Lombard, L. and Roux, J. and Xie, Y.J. and Wingfield, M.J. and Zhou, X. D. (2011) Novel species of Calonectria associated with Eucalyptus leaf blight in Southeast China. Persoonia, 26, 1-12. ISSN 0031-5850.

Cloete, M. and Fourie, P.H. and Damm, U. and Crous, P.W. and Mostert, L. (2011) Fungi associated with die-back symptoms of apple and pear trees, a possible inoculum source of grapevine trunk disease pathogens. Phytopathologia Mediterranea, 50, 176-190. ISSN 0031-9465.

Crous, P.W. (2011) Biological Resource Centres facing the challenge of species discovery in Kingdom Fungi.

Crous, P.W. and Groenewald, J.Z. (2011) Why everlastings don't last. Persoonia, 26, 70-84. ISSN 0031-5850.

Crous, P.W. and Groenewald, J.Z. and Shivas, R.G. and Edwards, J. and Seifert, K. A. and Alfenas, A. C. and Alfenas, R. and Burgess, T.I. and Carnegie, A.J. and Hardy, G. E. and Hiscock, N. and Huberli, D. and Jung, T. and Louis-Seize, G. and Okada, G. and Pereira, O. L. and Stukely, M. J. and Wang, W. and White, G. P. and Young, A.J. and McTaggart, A.R. and Pascoe, I. G. and Porter, I. J. and Quaedvlieg, W. (2011) Fungal Planet description sheets: 69-91. Persoonia, 26, 108-56. ISSN 0031-5850.

Crous, P.W. and Minnis, A.M. and Pereira, O. L. and Alfenas, A. C. and Alfenas, R.F. and Rossman, A. Y. and Groenewald, J.Z. (2011) What is Scirrhia. IMA Fungus, 2, 127-133. ISSN 2210-6340.

Crous, P.W. and Summerell, B.A. and Shivas, R.G. and Romberg, M. and Mel'nik, V.A. and Verkley, G.J.M. and Groenewald, J.Z. (2011) Fungal Planet description sheets: 92–106. Persoonia, 27, 130-162. ISSN 0031-5850.

Crous, P.W. and Summerell, B.A. and Swart, L. and Denman, S. and Taylor, J.E. and Bezuidenhout, C.M. and Palm, M.E. and Marincowitz, S and Groenewald, J.Z. (2011) Fungal pathogens of Proteaceae. Persoonia, 27, 20-45. ISSN 0031-5850.

Crous, P.W. and Tanaka, K. and Summerell, B.A. and Groenewald, J.Z. (2011) Additions to the Mycosphaerella complex. IMA Fungus, 2, 49-64. ISSN 2210-6340.

De Vries, R.P. and Wiebenga, A. and Coutinho, P.M. and Henrissat, B. (2011) Plant polysaccharide degradation by fungi. In: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Mushroom Biology and Mushroom Products, (pp. 16-23).

Gleason, M.L. and Batzer, J.C. and Sun, G.Q. and Zhang, Rong and Arias, M. and Sutton, Turner B. and Crous, P.W. and Ivanovic, Milan and McManus, Patricia S. and Cooley, Daniel R. and Mayr, Ulrich and Weber, Roland W. S. and Yoder, Keith S. and Ponte Del, Emerson M. and Biggs, Alan R. and Oertel, B. (2011) A New View of Sooty Blotch and Flyspeck. Plant Disease, 95, 368-383. ISSN 0191-2917.

Glienke, C. and Pereira, O. L. and Stringari, D. and Fabris, J. and Kava-Cordeiro, V. and Galli-Terasawa, L. and Cunnington, J. and Shivas, R.G. and Groenewald, J.Z. and Crous, P.W. (2011) Endophytic and pathogenic Phyllosticta species, with reference to those associated with Citrus Black Spot. Persoonia, 26, 47-56. ISSN 0031-5850.

Goodwin, S.B. and M'Barek Ben, S. and Dhillon, B. and Wittenberg, A.H.J. and Crane, C.F. and Hane, J.K. and Foster, A.J. and Lee van der, T.A.J. and Grimwood, J. and Aerts, A. and Antoniw, J. and Bailey, A. and Bluhm, B. and Bowler, J.M. and Bristow, J. and Burgt van der, A. and Canto-Canché, B. and Churchill, A.C.L. and Conde-Ferràez, L. and Cools, H.J. and Coutinho, P.M. and Csukai, M. and Dehal, P. and Wit de, P. and Donzelli, B. and Geest, H.G. and Ham van, R.C.H. and Hammond-Kosack, K.E. and Henrissat, B. and Kilian, A. and Kobayashi, A.K. and Koopmann, E. and Kourmpetis, Y. and Kuzniar, A. and Lindquist, E. and Lombard, V. and Maliepaard, C. and Martins, N. and Mehrabi, R. and Nap, J.P.H. and Ponomarenko, A. and Rudd, J.J. and Salamov, A. and Schmutz, J. and Schouten, H.J. and Shapiro, H. and Stergiopoulos, I. and Torriani, S.F.F. and Tu, H. and Vries de, R.P. and Waalwijk, C. and Ware, S.B. and Wiebenga, A. and Zwiers, L.H. and Oliver, R.P. and Grigoriev, I.V. and Kema, G.H.J. (2011) Finished Genome of the Fungal Wheat Pathogen Mycosphaerella graminicola Reveals Dispensome Structure, Chromosome Plasticity, and Stealth Pathogenesis. PLoS Genetics, 7, e1002070-e1002070. ISSN 1553-7390.

Groenewald, J.Z. and Groenewald, M. and Crous, P.W. (2011) Impact of DNA data on fungal and yeast taxonomy. Microbiology Australia, 32, 100-104. ISSN 1324-4272.

Hawksworth, D.L. and Crous, P.W. and Redhead, S.A. and Reynolds, D.R. and Samson, R.A. and Seifert, K.A. and Taylor, J.E. and Wingfield, M.J. and Abaci, Ö. and Aime, C. and Asan, A. and Bai, F.H. and Beer de, Z.W. and Begerow, D. and Berikten, D. and Boekhout, T. and Buchanan, P.K. and Burgess, T.I. and Buzina, W. and Cai, L. and Cannon, P.F. and Crane, J.L. and Damm, U. and Daniel, H.M. and Diepeningen van, A.D. and Druzhinina, I. and Dyer, P.S. and Eberhardt, U. and Fell, J.W. and Frisvad, J.C. and Geiser, D.M. and Geml, J. and Glienke, C. and Gräfenhan, T. and Groenewald, J.Z. and Groenewald, M. and Gruyter de, J. and Guého-Kellermann, E. and Guo, L-D. and Hibbett, D.S. and Hong, S.B. and Hoog de, G.S. and Houbraken, J. and Huhndorf, S.M. and Hyde, K.D. and Ismail, A. and Johnston, P.R. and Kadaifciler, D.G. and Kirk, P.M. and Kõljalg, U. and Kurtzman, C.P. and Lagneau, P-E. and Lévesque, C.A. and Liu, X.S. and Lombard, L. and Meyer, W. and Miller, A.N. and Minter, D.W. and Najafzadeh, M.J. and Norvell, L.L. and Ozerskaya, S.M. and Öziç, R. and Pennycook, S.R. and Peterson, S.W. and Pettersson, O.V. and Quaedvlieg, W. and Robert, V. and Ruibal, C. and Schnürer, J. and Schroers, H.J. and Shivas, R.G. and Slippers, B. and Spierenburg, H. and Takashima, M. and Taşkın, E. and Thines, M. and Thrane, U. and Uztan, A.H. and Raak van, M. and Varga, J. and Vasco, A. and Verkley, G.J.M. and Videira, S.I.R. and Vries de, R.P. and Weir, B.S. and Yilmaz, N. and Yurkov, A. and Zhang, N. (2011) The Amsterdam Declaration on Fungal Nomenclature. IMA Fungus, 2, 105-112. ISSN 2210-6340.

Hunter, G.C. and Crous, P.W. and Carnegie, A.J. and Burgess, T.I. and Wingfield, M.J. (2011) Mycosphaerella and Teratosphaeria diseases of Eucalyptus; easily confused and with serious consequences. Fungal Diversity, 50, 145-166. ISSN 1560-2745.

Koike, S.K. and Baameur, A. and Groenewald, J.Z. and Crous, P.W. (2011) Cercosporoid leaf pathogens from whorled milkweed and spineless safflower in California. IMA Fungus, 2, 7-12. ISSN 2210-6340.

Lamprecht, S.C. and Crous, P.W. and Groenewald, J.Z. and Tewoldemedhin, Y.T. and Marasas, W.F.O. (2011) Diaporthaceae associated with root rot of maize. IMA Fungus, 2, 13-24. ISSN 2210-6340.

Li, H. and Sun, G.Q. and Batzer, J.C. and Crous, P.W. and Groenewald, J.Z. and Karakaya, Aziz and Gleason, M.L. (2011) Scleroramularia gen. nov. associated with sooty blotch and flyspeck of apple and pawpaw from the Northern Hemisphere. Fungal Diversity, 46, 53-66. ISSN 1560-2745.

Lombard, L. and Polizzi, G. and Guarnaccia, V. and Vitale, A. and Crous, P.W. (2011) Calonectria spp. causing leaf spot, crown and root rot of ornamental plants in Tunisia. Persoonia, 27, 73-79. ISSN 0031-5850.

Magyar, Donat and Shoemaker, R. A. and Bobvos, Janos and Crous, P.W. and Groenewald, J.Z. (2011) Pyrigemmula, a novel hyphomycete genus on grapevine and tree bark. Mycological Progress, 10, 307-314. ISSN 1617-416X.

Mirabolfathy, M. and Groenewald, J.Z. and Crous, P.W. (2011) The Occurrence of Charcoal Disease Caused by Biscogniauxia mediterranea on Chestnut-Leaved Oak (Quercus castaneifolia) in the Golestan Forests of Iran. Plant Disease, 95, 876-876. ISSN 0191-2917.

Niekerk van, J.M. and Bester, W and Halleen, F. and Crous, P.W. and Fourie, P.H. (2011) The distribution and symptomatology of grapevine trunk disease pathogens are influenced by climate. Phytopathologia Mediterranea, 50, 98-111. ISSN 0031-9465.

O'Donnell, K. and Humber, R. A. and Geiser, D.M. and Kang, S. and Park, B. and Robert, V. and Crous, P.W. and Johnston, P.R. and Aoki, T. and Rooney, A. P. and Rehner, S. A. (2011) Phylogenetic diversity of insecticolous fusaria inferred from multilocus DNA sequence data and their molecular identification via FUSARIUM-ID and Fusarium MLST. Mycologia. ISSN 0027-5514.

Patyshakuliyeva, A and De Vries, R.P. (2011) Biodegradation of carbohydrates during the formation of Agaricus bisporus compost. In: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Mushroom Biology and Mushroom Products, V1, (pp. 202-207).

Polizzi, G. and Aiello, D. and Castello, I. and Vitale, A. and Groenewald, J.Z. and Crous, P.W. (2011) Occurrence, molecular characterisation, and pathogenicity of Neoscytalidium dimidiatum on Citrus in Italy. In: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Citrus Biotechnology, 892, (pp. 237-243).

Quaedvlieg, W. and Kema, G.H.J. and Groenewald, J.Z. and Verkley, G.J.M. and Seifbarghi, S. and Razavi, M. and Gohari, A. Mirzadi and Mehrabi, R. and Crous, P.W. (2011) Zymoseptoria gen. nov.: a new genus to accommodate Septoria-like species occurring on graminicolous hosts. Persoonia, 26, 57-69. ISSN 0031-5850.

Wingfield, M.J. and ZW, D. E. Beer and Slippers, B. and Wingfield, B.D. and Groenewald, J.Z. and Lombard, L. and Crous, P.W. (2011) One fungus, one name promotes progressive plant pathology. Molecular Plant Pathology. ISSN 1464-6722.

Woudenberg, J.H.C. and J, D. E. Gruyter and Crous, P.W. and Zwiers, L.H. (2011) Analysis of the mating-type loci of co-occurring and phylogenetically related species of Ascochyta and Phoma. Molecular Plant Pathology. ISSN 1464-6722.

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