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Buijs, R.M. (1987) Vasopressin localization and putative functions in the brain. In: Vasopressin, Principles and Properties, (pp. 91-115). Eds: Gash, D.M. and Boer, G.J..

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Jhamandas, J.H. and Rogers, J. and Buijs, R.M. and Renaud, L.P. (1987) An ultrastructural characterization of the GABA-mediated input to rat supraoptic nucleus (SON) from the diagonal band of Broca (DB). In: Proceedings 17th Annual Meeting Society for Neuroscience, (pp. 1130-). (poster).

Jong, B.M. de and Romijn, H.J. and Buijs, R.M. (1987) Postembedding immunocytochemical GABA labeling in rat neocortex cultures: applicability in quantitative studies. Neuroscience letters, 75, 23-30. ISSN 03043940.

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Pévet, P. and Buijs, R.M. and Masson-Pévet, M. (1987) Effect of pinealectomy and a constant high level of circulating melatonin or of 5-methoxytryptamine on the vasopressinergic innervation in the brain of the European hamster (Cricetus cricetus, L). Journal of neural transmission, 70, 287-294. ISSN 03009564.

Pévet, P. and Buijs, R.M. and Masson-Pévet, M. and Canguilhem, B. (1987) Pineal and photoperiodic control of different seasonal functions in the European hamster: importance of gonadal steroids and of the central vasopressinergic innervation. In: Fundamentals and Clinics in Pineal Research, 44, (pp. 221-235). Eds: G.P. Trentini, G. de Gaetani and P..

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Renaud, L.P. and Jhamandas, J.H. and Buijs, R.M. and Day, T.A. (1987) Oxytocin infusions in caudal ventrolateral medulla activates supraoptic vasopressin-secreting neurons in the rat. In: Proceedings 17th Annual Meeting Society for Neuroscience, (pp. 1279-). (Poster).

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Swaab, D.F. (1987) EURAGE inventory of research on `aging of the brain and dementia in the Netherlands'. In: EEC Concerned Action on Cellular Ageing and Diseases, EURAGE-report.

Swaab, D.F. (1987) Report on Clinical, pathological and experimental opportunities for collaborative research on ageing of the brain and dementia in the EEG countries and Switzerland.

Swaab, D.F. (1987) Report on Dementie en de Ziekte van Alzheimer.

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Swaab, D.F. and Fliers, E. and Gool, W.A. van (1987) Multidisciplinair onderzoek naar circadiane ritme veranderingen tijdens veroudering en bij de ziekte van Alzheimer; noodzaak van infrastructurele voorzieningen als een hersenbank. SOOM Werkdocumenten nr. 14, `Kennis over ouder', 13-21. E.G.J. Kuper-Carriere (Ed.).

Swaab, D.F. and Fliers, E. and Goudsmit, E. (1987) Onderzoek naar vasopressineneuronen tijdens de veroudering en bij Alzheimer-patiënten. ZWO-jaarboek 1986, 225-230.

Swaab, D.F. and Fliers, E. and Hoogendijk, J.E. (1987) Vasopressin in relation to human aging and dementia. In: Vasopressin: Principles and Properties, (pp. 611-625). D.M. Gash and G.J. Boer (Eds.).

Swaab, D.F. and Jolles, J. (1987) Dementie en de ziekte van Alzheimer. MEDIGON Beleidsnota 1987-1991, 549-.

Swaab, D.F. and Roozendaal, B. and Ravid, R. and Velis, D.N. and Gooren, L. and Williams, R. (1987) Suprachiasmatic nucleus in aging, Alzheimer's disease, transsexuality and Prader-Willi syndrome. In: Neuropeptides and Brain Function, Progress in Brain Research, 72, (pp. 301-310). E.R. de Kloet, V.M. Wiegant and D. de Wied (Eds.).

Swaab, D.F. and Uyling, H.B.M. (1987) Comments on review by Coleman and Flood `Neuron numbers and dendritic extend in normal aging and Alzheimer's disease', Density measures: parameters to avoid. Neurobiology of aging, 8, 574-575. ISSN 01974580.

Swaab, D.F. and Uylings, H.B.M. (1987) Potentialities and pitfalls in the use of human brain material in molecular neuroanatomy. In: Manual ETP/ENA/IBRO practical course Molecular Neuroanatomy, (pp. 549-566).

Voorn, P. and Buijs, R.M. (1987) Ultrastructural demonstration of dopamine in the central nervous system. In: Monoaminergic Neurons: Light Microscopy and Ultrastructure, (pp. 241-264). Eds: Steinbusch, H.W.M..

Vos, J.J. and Jong de, P.T.V.M. (1987) Ergoftalmologie, een terreinverkenning. In: Het Medisch Jaar 1987, (pp. 263-268). Es, J.C. van, Joossens, J.V., Mandema, E., Olthuis, G., red..

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