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Beattie, D.M. (1981) Investigations into the occurrence of midge plagues in the vicinity of Harderwijk (Netherlands). Hydrobiologia, 80, 147-159. ISSN 0018-8158.

Best, E.P.H. (1981) The submerged aquatic macrophytes in Lake Maarsseveen I: Species composition, spatial distribution and productivity. Hydrobiological Bulletin, 15, 72-81. ISSN 0165-1404.

Best, E.P.H. and Zippin, M. and Dassen, J.H.A. (1981) Growth and production of Phragmites australis in Lake Vechten (The Netherlands). Hydrobiological Bulletin, 15, 165-173. ISSN 0165-1404.

De Haan, H. and De Boer, T. and Haverkamp, J. (1981) Seasonal variations in the composition of fulvic acids in Tjeukemeer, The Netherlands, as studied by Curie-point pyrolysis-mass spectrometry. Hydrobiologia, 78, 87-95. ISSN 0018-8158.

De Haan, H. and Wijbenga, D.J. and Veldhuis, M.J.W. (1981) Aspects of the study on the availability of iron for phytoplankton in Tjeukemeer, the Netherlands. Hydrobiological Bulletin, 15, 193-194. ISSN 0165-1404.

De Wolf, L. and Buth, G.J.C. (1981) A simple method for separating micro-, meio - and macrofauna, and plant litter fractions. Hydrobiological Bulletin, 15, 175-177. ISSN 0165-1404.

Dorgelo, J. and Van Donk, E. and Graaff Bierbrouwer de, J.M. (1981) The late winter/spring bloom and succession of diatoms during four years in Lake Maarsseveen (1). Verhandlungen Internationale Vereinigung für theoretische und angewandte Limnologie, 21, 938-947. ISSN 0368-0770.

Golterman, H.L. and Wisselo, A.G. (1981) Ceriometry, a combined method for chemical oygen demand and dissolved oxygen (with a discussion on the precision of the Winkler Technique). Hydrobiologia, 77, 37-42. ISSN 0018-8158.

Heijnen, J.H. (1981) Een simulatie-model voor de broedbiologie van de koolmees, Parus major.

Herman, R. and Damme van, D. and Heip, C.H.R. and Vaeremans, M. (1981) Harpacticoid copepod community structure in the two North Sea eastuaries in relation to polution. In: O.O.A. Benthos Report.

Herman, R. and Heip, C.H.R. and Damme, D. van and Braeckman, A. and Gansbeke, D. van (1981) Sedimentanalyse van stations in de Westerschelde. In: O.O.A. Benthos report, 81. 12 p..

Klerks, P. (1981) Bepaling van de erfelijkheidsgraad van snavelafmetingen en tarsuslengte bij de koolmees, Parus major.

Merks, A.G.A. and Rijstenbil, J.W. (1981) Saline seepage and vertical distribution of oxygen in a brackish ditch. Hydrobiological Bulletin, 15, 111-121. ISSN 0165-1404.

Meulemans, J.T. and Best, E.P.H. (1981) Research into the characteristics of C3 and C4 plants in Ceratophyllum demersum L. Hydrobiological Bulletin, 15, 199-199. ISSN 0165-1404.

Oremus, P.A.I. and Otten, H. (1981) Factors affecting growth and nodulation of Hippophaë hamnoides L. ssp. Rhamnoides in soils from two successional stages of dune formation. Plant and Soil, 63, 317-331. ISSN 0032-079X.

Perdeck, A.C. and Speek, B.J. (1981) Tarsus or Tibia, where should a bird be ringed? Ringing and Migration, 3, 149-157. ISSN 0307-8698.

Rijstenbil, J.W. and Merks, A.G.A. (1981) The influence of micro-algae on the oxygen dynamics in a brackish ditch. Hydrobiological Bulletin, 15, 123-135. ISSN 0165-1404.

Sepers, A.B.J. (1981) Diversity of ammonifying bacteria. Hydrobiologia, 83, 343-350. ISSN 0018-8158.

Smit, A.J. and Woldendorp, J.W. (1981) Nitrate production in the rhizosphere of Plantago species. Plant and Soil, 61, 43-52. ISSN 0032-079X.

Van Diggelen, R. (1981) De verblijfplaats van verschillende groepen koolmezen in relatie tot sociale status en voedseldistributie gedurende de winter.

Van Donk, E. and Wilde de, P.A.W.J. (1981) Oxygen consumption and motil activity of the brown shrimp Crangon crangon related to temperature and body size. Netherlands Journal of Sea Research, 15(1), 54-64. ISSN 0077-7579.

Van Noordwijk, A.J. and Keizer, L.C.P. and Van Balen, J.H. and Scharloo, W. (1981) Genetic variation in egg dimensions in natural populations of the Great Tit. Genetica, 55, 221-232. ISSN 0016-6707.

Van Noordwijk, A.J. and Scharloo, W. (1981) Inbreeding in an island population of the great tit. Evolution, 35, 674-688. ISSN 0014-3820.

Van Noordwijk, A.J. and Van Balen, J.H. and Scharloo, W. (1981) Genetic and environmental variation in clutch size of the great tit (Parus major). Netherlands Journal of Zoology, 31, 342-372. ISSN 0028-2960.

Van Noordwijk, A.J. and Van Balen, J.H. and Scharloo, W. (1981) Genetic variation in the timing of reproduction in the great tit. Oecologia, 49, 158-166. ISSN 0029-8549.

Vet, L.E.M. and Lenteren Van, J.C. (1981) The parasite-host relationship between Encarsia formosa Gah. (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) and Trialeurodes vaporariorum (Westw.) (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae). X. A comparison of three Encarsia spp. and one Eretmocerus sp. to estimate their potentialities in controlling whitefly on tomatoes in greenhouses with a low temperature regime. Zeitschrift für Angewandte Entomologie, 91, 327-348. ISSN 1439-0418.

Vranken, G. and Thielemans, L.K. and Heip, C.H.R. and Vandycke, M. (1981) Aspects of the life-cycle of Monhystera parelegantula (Nematode; Monhysteridae). Marine Ecology Progress Series, 6, 67-72. ISSN 0171-8630.

Woolley, J.B. and Vet, L.E.M. (1981) Postovipositional web-spinning behaviour in a hyperparasite, Signiphora coquilletti Ashmead (Hymenoptera: Signiphoridae). Netherlands Journal of Zoology, 31, 627-633. ISSN 0028-2960.

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