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Arunachalam, M. and Nair, N.B. (1988) Harpacticoid Copepods Associated with the Seagrass Halophila-Ovalis in the Ashtamudi Estuary, Southwest Coast of India. Hydrobiologia, 167, 515-522. ISSN 0018-8158.

Baars, A.J. and Van Beek, H. and Spierenburg, Th.J. and Beeftink, W.G. and Nieuwenhuize, J. and Pekelder, J.J. and Boom, J. (1988) Environmental contamination by heavy metals and fluoride in the Saeftinge salt marsh (The Netherlands) and its effect on sheep. The veterinary quarterly, 10, 90-98. ISSN 0165-2176.

Bakker, C. and Tackx, M.L.M. and Van Rijswijk, P. (1988) Plankton copepods Temora longicornis and Acartia tonsa, and their food in the Oosterschelde estuary (S.W.-Netherlands). Hydrobiological Bulletin, 22, 75-78. ISSN 0165-1404.

Blacquière, T. and Hofstra, R. and Stulen, I. (1988) Ammonium and nitrate nutrition in Plantago lanceolata and Plantago major L. ssp. major : III. Nitrogen metabolism. Plant and Soil, 106, 23-24. ISSN 0032-079X.

Blacquière, T. and Koetsier, C. (1988) The response of Plantago lanceolata L. and Plantago major L. spp. major to nitrate depletion. Plant and Soil, 107, 197-206. ISSN 0032-079X.

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Huiskes, A.H.L. (1988) The salt marshes of the Westerschelde and their role in the estuarine ecosystem. Hydrobiological Bulletin, 22, 57-63. ISSN 0165-1404.

Hummel, H. and De Bruin, W. and Nieuwland, G. and Hummel-Poel, I.F. (1988) Seasonal and tidal changes in the length of the crystalline style intertidally living Macoma balthica (Mollusca, Bivalvia). Marine Biology, 98, 529-534. ISSN 0025-3162.

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Van Donk, E. and Colle, C. (1988) Cercarien-dermatitis, een mogelijke complicatie bij toepassing van actief biologisch beheer in zwemwateren. H2O, 24, 696-699. ISSN 0166-8439.

Van Donk, E. and Slim, F.J. and Grimm, M.P. (1988) Herstel van hypertrofe recreatieplas 'Zwemlust' door toepassing van actief biologisch beheer; eerste resultaten. H2O, 13, 338-343. ISSN 0166-8439.

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Wolff, K. and Friso, B. and Van Damme, J.M.M. (1988) Outcrossing rates and male-sterility in natural-populations of Plantago coronopus. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 76, 190-196. ISSN 0040-5752.

Chapter/Part of Book

Heip, C.H.R. and Herman, P.M.J. and Soetaert, K.E.R. (1988) Data processing, evaluation and analysis. In: Introduction to the study of meiofauna, (pp. 197-231). Higgins, R.P.; Thiel, H..

Van Donk, E. (1988) Aquatische Oecologie. In: Cursus 'Kwaliteitsbeheer Oppervlaktewater'. Hoofdstuk 2 in de cursus 'Kwaliteitsbeheer Oppervlaktewater' van de Ned. Ver. Voor Afvalwaterbehandeling en Waterkwaliteitsbeheer, tevens hoofdstuk 10 in schriftelijke cursus 'Milieukunde' PBNA..

Conference Contribution

Heip, C.H.R. (1988) Biota and abiotic environment in the Westerschelde estuary. In: Hydrobiology and chemistry of the Schelde and Westerschelde: proceedings of the Schelde symposium, (pp. 31-34). Hummel, H. et al. (Ed.), (May 1987, Terneuzen, The Netherlands).

Noldus, L. and Buser, J.H.M. and Vet, L.E.M. (1988) Volatile semiochemicals in host-community location by egg parasitoids. In: Proc. 3rd Europ. Workshop Insect Parasitoids (Lyon, 8-10 Sept. 1987), Les Coll. de l'INRA, (pp. 19-20).

Turlings, T.C.J. and Tumlinson, J.H. and Lewis, W.J. and Vet, L.E.M. (1988) The effect of experience with hosts and host by-products on the response to host related odours by the larval parasitoid Cotesia marginiventris (Cresson). In: Parasitoid insects,Colloq.INRA 48 Lyon, september 7-10, 1987, (pp. 67-68). Les Colloques de l'INRA.

Vet, L.E.M. (1988) The influence of learning on habitat location and acceptance by parasitoids. In: Parasitoid insects,Colloq. INRA 48, Lyon, september 7-10, 1987, (pp. 29-34). Les Colloques de l'INRA.

Editorship of Book

Heip, C.H.R. and Herman, P.M.J. and Vranken, G. (1988) Collected papers on meiofauna dynamics and energy flow. s.d. pp.


Hage, F.J. (1988) De tijdsbesteding van de meerkoet bij het verzorgen van de jongen, in relatie tot de leeftijdssamenstelling van het broedpaar.

Zandt, H. (1988) Voedsel en reproductie bij de koolmees.

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