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Antonovics, J. and Van Tienderen, P.H. (1991) Ontoecogenophyloconstraints - the chaos of constraint terminology. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 6, 166-168. ISSN 0169-5347.

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Vijverberg, J. (1991) Variability and possible adaptive significance of day-time vertical distribution of Leptodora kindtii (Focke) (Cladocera) in a shallow eutrophic lake. Hydrobiological Bulletin, 25, 85-91. ISSN 0165-1404.

Chapter/Part of Book

Van Donk, E. and Gulati, R.D. (1991) Ecological management of aquatic ecosystems: a complementary technique to reduce eutrophication-related perturbations. In: Perturbation and recovery of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems., (pp. 566-575). Ravera, O.(Ed.).

Conference Contribution

Vet, L.E.M. (1991) Insect Parasitoids: Behaviour. In: Proc. 6th European Workshop on Insect Parasitoids. Perugia, Italy. April 1991. REDIA.

Vet, L.E.M. and Wäckers, F.L. and Dicke, M. (1991) The reliability-detectability problem for foraging parasitoids: the usability of 1st and 2nd trophic level stimuli. In: Proc. 6th European Workshop on Insect Parasitoids. Perugia, Italy. April 1991. REDIA, (pp. 115-119).

Wiskerke, J.S.C. and Vet, L.E.M. (1991) Comparison of two Cotesia species foraging for solitarily and gregariously feeding Pieris host species. In: , (pp. 190-195). ISBN UNSPECIFIED.


Van Donk, E. (1991) Interactions between suspended solids and zooplankton: a literature study.

Van Donk, E. (1991) Onderzoek naar de groei-limiterende factoren voor de verschillende fytoplankton soorten in het plasje Zwemlust: resultaten 1990.

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