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Damman, M. (2014) From employee to retiree: Life histories and retirement in the Netherlands.

Lent van, W. (2014) Managing an early modern giant: issues and initiatives at the Dutch East India Company.

Holwerda, S. (2013) Chromosome topology underlying factors: studies on a model gene locus and an exemplary DNA looping protein.

Dijkstra, J.E. (2013) Growing up with Frisian and Dutch. The role of language input in the early development of Frisian and Dutch among preschool children in Friesland.

Muskens, R.W.A. (2013) Aan de goede kant. Een geschiedenis van de Nederlandse anti-apartheidsbeweging 1960 - 1990.

Karthaus, W.R. (2013) Generation and exploitation of stem cell derived organoid cultures.

Schuijers, J. (2013) ChIPping away at intestinal stemness.

Ritsma, L. (2013) High resolution in vivo imaging of metastasis.

Leeuwen van, C.W. (2013) Uit het spoor van Thorbecke. Honderd jaar grondwetsherziening en staatsvernieuwing in Nederland, 1883-1983.

Karpinska, K. (2013) Prolonged employment of older workers: determinants of managers' decisions regarding hiring, retention and training.

Conen, W.S. (2013) Older workers: the view of Dutch employers in a European perspective.

Boef, E. (2013) Doubling in relative clauses. Aspects of morphosyntactic microvariation in Dutch.

Janssen, A.B.G. (2013) Identifying critical nutrient loadings for Lake Taihu (China) (2016).

Schlemper, T. (2013) The rhizomicrobiome in the rhizosphere of native sorghum.

Gerla, D.J. (2012) Priority effects as drivers of biodiversity and ecosystem function in pond and pool communities.

Huisman, C.C. (2012) SimFirms:demography of firms: a microsimulation model.

Kabouw, P. (2012) Consequences of intra-specific metabolic diversity in plants for soil organisms: A baseline approach for evaluating ecological effects of genetic modifications.

Beer de, J.A.A. (2011) Transparency in population forecasting: methods for fitting and projecting fertility, mortality and migration.

Verbree, M. (2011) Dynamics of Academic Leadership in Research Groups.

Bos, F. L. (2011) Genetic regulation of angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis.

Huschek, D. (2011) Union formation and partner choice of the second generation of Turkish origin in Europe: the influence of third parties and institutional context.

Van Tetering van, GJ (2011) Proteolytic Regulation of Notch1 Receptor Activity in Cancer.

Van der Stukken, M. (2011) Control of phytoplankton by submerged macrophytes - the role of competition in relation with zooplankton grazing.

Rousseaux, S. (2011) The importance of genetic diversity and evolution in metacommunities.

Eekelen van, M.J.L. (2011) Protein-tyrosine phosphatases in zebrafish gastrulation.

Sartori da Silva, M.A. (2011) Action and function of ASB proteins in compartment size regulation.

Anten, J. (2011) Navalisme Nekt Onderzeeboot; De invloed van buitenlandse zeestrategieën op de Nederlandse voor de defensie van Nederlands-Indië, 1912-1942.

Van Gerven, L.P.A. (2011) Applying and improving the ecosystem model for linear waters PCDitch.

Koehnlein, B. (2011) Rule reversal revisited: Synchrony and diachrony of tone and prosodic structure in the Franconian dialect of Arzbach.

Kadir, N. (2010) The Autonomous Life?: Paradoxes of Hierarchy, Authority, and Urban Identity in the Squatters Movement in Amsterdam.

Kranenburg van, P. (2010) A Computational Approach to Content-Based Retrievalof Folk Song Melodies.

Engelkes, T. (2010) Climate warming, plant invasions and plant-enemy interactions.

Engeland van, T. (2010) Dissolved Organic Nitrogen dynamics in coastal ecosystems.

Yi, C. (2010) Hypothalamic neural networks in control of glucose homeostasis.

Lopez, M.V. (2010) Biodiversity and functional activity of microorganisms in mangroves from State of Sao Paulo.

Tee, J.M. (2010) Cell Fate Determination in Zebrafish Embryonic and Adult Muscle Development.

Herpers, R. (2010) Genetic regulation of vascular development - building the Zebrafish Vascular Tree.

Pater de, E.M. (2010) Growth of the Zebrafish Heart.

Faro, A. (2010) Heads and Tails of endoderm development & adult tissue homeostasis in zebrafish.

Chen, X. (2010) Intraspecific variation in flooding-induced petiole elongation in Rumex palustris.

Tournoij, E. (2010) Platelet Activation in Vascular Disease: from Animal Studies to Clinical Consequences.

Vacaru, A. (2010) RPTPa-mediated activation of Src.

Mul, J.D. (2010) Rat models in obesity research: functions for PMCH and LPIN1 in energy homeostasis regulation.

Boxtel van, R. (2010) Rat reverse genetics: generation and characterization of chemically induced rat mutants.

Gjini, E. (2010) Regulation of Angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis in Zebrafish.

Linsen, S.E.V. (2010) Small RNA evolution and distribution patterns based on digital gene expression profiling.

Ng, S.S. (2010) Unravelling the molecular mechanisms of the canonical Wnt signalling pathway.

Wansleeben, C. (2010) A mutagenesis screen in the mouse: Identification of novel gene functions in embryonic development.

Wolfswinkel van, J.C. (2009) Functional and mechanistic aspects of endogenous RNAi in C. elegans.

Corporaal, J. (2009) Grimmig eerlijk : Anne Wadman en het probleem van de Friese literatuur.

Looijesteijn, H. (2009) Born to the Common Welfare. Pieter Plockhoy's Trans-Atlantic Quest for a Christian life (c.1620-1664).

Soons, J.P.M. (2009) Love, life and happiness: a study of partner relationships and well-being in young adulthood.

Bossers, C.A.M. (2009) Spot the difference: microarray analysis of gene expression changes in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease.

Rijken, A.J. (2009) Happy families, high fertility?: childbearing choices in the context of family and partner relationships.

Leeuwen van, M.R. (2009) Natamycin and the germinating spore.

Putten van, A.E. (2009) The role of intergenerational transfers in gendered labour patterns.

Sudhadham, M. (2009) Exophiala Dermatitidis: an opportunistic pathogen emerging from the tropical rainforest.

Marks, D. (2009) Accounting for Services: The Economic Development of the Indonesian Service Sector, ca. 1900-2000.

Verhoeven, M.C. (2009) Bmp signaling is at the heart of vertebrate left-right symmetry.

Plomp, A.S. (2009) Clinical and genetic aspects of pseudoxanthoma elasticum.

Brouwer, K. (2009) DNA repair mechanisms in C. elegans.

Bussmann, J. (2009) Genetic analysis and in vivo imaging of vascular development in the zebrafish.

Spoorendonk, K.M. (2009) Identification and analysis of genes involved in bone formation – a genetic approach in zebrafish –.

Koning, N. (2009) Imbalanced immunity in multiple sclerosis.

Azzouzi el, H. (2009) Peroxisome proliferators - activated receptor (PPAR) regulation in cardiac metabolism and disease.

Houwing, S. (2009) Piwi-piRNA complexes in the zebrafish germline.

Paridaen, J.T.M. (2009) Regulation of neural development and adult brain hoemostasis in the zebrafish.

Chakravarthy, S. (2009) Regulation of spine maintenance in the adult mouse visual cortex by TrkB signaling.

Young, T. (2009) Role of Cdx and Hox genes in posterior axial extension in the mouse.

Carvalho, S. (2009) Studying of biochemical and biophysical properties of Senecio and Jacobaea species: is there a link to invasiveness?

Klieverik, L.P. (2009) Thyroid hormone, metabolism and the brain.

Flier van der, L.G. (2009) Wnt target gene analysis in colorectal cancer and intestinal stem cells.

Versloot, A.P. (2008) Mechanisms of Language Change: Vowel Reduction in 15th century West Frisian.

Nijdam, J.A. (2008) Lichaam, eer en recht in middeleeuws Friesland. Een studie naar de Oudfriese boeteregisters.

Lambooij, H.Th.M. (2008) Sibrandus Leo en zijn abtenkronieken van de Friese premonstratenzerkloosters Lidlum en Mariëngaarde : Een nadere studie, editie en vertaling.

Arzanlou, P.W. (2008) Phylogeny, detection, and mating behaviour of Mycosphaerella spp. occurring on banana.

Engelmoer, M. (2008) Breeding origins of wader populations utilizing the Dutch Wadden Sea as deduced from body dimensions, body mass, and primary moult.

Faber, N.R. (2006) Knowledge in sustainable behaviour: using knowledge-based decision support systems for the improvement of sustainability.

Ruijven van, E.C.M. (2004) Onderwijseffectiviteit in Fryslân.

Kuip van der, F.J. (2003) De Burmania-sprekwurden. Santjinde-ieuske Fryske sprekwurden ferklearre en yn har tiid besjoen.

Jager de, B. (2002) Teaching Reading Comprehension: The effects of direct instruction and cognitive apprenticeship on comprehension skills and metacognition. Beschikbaar op repository RUG:

Hemminga, P. (2000) Het beleid inzake unieke regionale talen.

Vaart van der, J.H.P. (1999) Boerderijen en platteland in verandering. Een onderzoek naar herbestemming van boerderijen in Friesland.

Wouters, P. (1999) The citation culture.

Dyk, S. (1997) Noun Incorporation in Frisian.

Visser, W. (1997) The Syllable in Frisian.

Brand, A.J. (1996) Over Macht en Overwicht. Stedelijke elites in Leiden (1420-1510).

Jong de, Sikko and Riemersma, A.M.J. (1994) Taalpeiling yn Fryslân : Onderzoek naar de beheersing van het Fries en het Nederlands aan het einde van de basisschool.

Gorter, D. (1993) Taal fan klerken en klanten: ûndersyk nei it Frysk en it nederlansk yn it ferkear tusken siktary-amtners en ynwenners fan de gemeente Hearrenfean. PhD-thesis, Universiteit van Amsterdam..

Broekhuis, H. (1992) Chain-government. Issues in Dutch Syntax.

Van Donk, E. (1984) Factors influencing phytoplankton growth and succession in Lake Maarsseveen (I). Summary in Verh. Internat. Verein. Limnol. 22: 909 - 910..

Buijs, R.M. (1980) Vasopressin and oxytocin innervation of the rat brain: a light and electronmicroscopical study. PhD Thesis.

Bennis, H.J. (1978) Comparative Deletion is Subdeletion.

Willekens, F.J. (1976) Analytics of multiregional population distribution policy. Doctoral dissertation Evanston, Illinois, USA, 1976. 290p..

Blom, J.C.H. (1975) De muiterij op de Zeven Provincien: reacties en gevolgen in Nederland;. Dissertatie Leiden.

Jong de, P.T.V.M. (1973) Cervical proprioceptive nystagmus, its central pathways. PhD thesis.

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