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Agawin, N.S.R. and Tovar-Sanchez, A. and Stal, L.J. and Alvarez, M. and Agusti, S. and Duarte, C.M. (2011) Low water column nitrogen fixation in the Mediterranean Sea: basin-wide experimental evidence. Aquatic Microbial Ecology, 64, 135-147. ISSN 0948-3055.

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Ali, S. and Fokkema, C.M. (2011) The importance of peers: assimilation patterns among second-generation Turkish immigrants in Western Europe.

Ambrosetti, E. and Cela, E. and Fokkema, C.M. (2011) The remittances behaviour of the second generation in Europe: altruism or self-interest?

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Bangma, I. (2011) Multilingual Early Language Transmission (MEMLT) Project.

Bangma, I. (2011) Presentation of the MELT (Multilingual Early Language Transmission)- Project.

Barber, P.A. and Crous, P.W. and Groenewald, J.Z. and Pascoe, I. G. and Keane, P. (2011) Reassessing Vermisporium (Amphisphaeriaceae), a genus of foliar pathogens of eucalypts. Persoonia, 27, 90-118. ISSN 0031-5850.

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Becker, S. and Matthijs, H.C.P. and Van Donk, E. (2011) Erratum to: Biotic factors in induced defence revisited: cell aggregate formation in the toxic cyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosa PCC 7806 is triggered by spent Daphnia medium. Hydrobiologia, 671, 267-. ISSN 0018-8158.

Beer de, J.A.A. (2011) Kan de immigratie van niet-westerse allochtonen worden gehalveerd? Demos: bulletin over bevolking en samenleving, 27, 1-4. ISSN 0169-1473.

Beer de, J.A.A. (2011) Migratie [Update].

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Beets, G.C.N. (2011) Meer geld naar HIV/AIDS, minder naar family planning en reproductieve gezondheidszorg: verdwijnt de Europese empathie? Demos: bulletin over bevolking en samenleving, 27, 8-11. ISSN 0169-1473.

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Beets, G.C.N. and Hagedoorn, P. (2011) The role of the Resource Flows Project in the field of resource tracking for health. UNFPA-NIDI Resource Flows Newsletter, 2011.

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Bijwaard, G.E. (2011) Geografie & demografie. Polarisatie. Staan we met de ruggen naar elkaar?

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Bloothooft, G. (2011) Hoe populair is mijn voornaam?

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